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Practical methods of treatment of FMD

After the pig got FMD, it is this course experience.
The first four days is a process of resistance to the virus, the performance of a fever, do not eat, from the package Popi, lying reluctant to move, this time the fever is instinct. Four days after the pig's immune system and the virus has been tied up, resulting in a portion of the antibody, when fever is caused by inflammation.
So after the big pig had FMD, the head four days not to harass it, unless it is burned to die, not fever. After surviving the first four days, it becomes a common injury, when the anti-inflammatory treatment for wound center.
Once was on a foot-long, it is necessary to go through this process. All the so-called cure all looked pale and weak in the face of this process. Unless you step on the world by E antibodies.
Litter of 10 pigs, had foot and mouth disease. You Whether it is naturally 7-8 days later recovered. You have to ignore it, marked injection of $ 600, is 7-8 days later recovered, my math is not good, but I did not count the profits.
To deal with the highest level of FMD is to allow the herd experienced FMD, but not allow it to show clinical symptoms, ie let the herd hidden through. Or allow the maximum herd do not show clinical symptoms.
For this purpose, if found to have FMD individual pig got after the first should be disinfected, the compression to minimize the spread of the source. Then get sick no matter, for not showing clinical symptoms of people with all injectable Polyinosinic, five big pig, a pig, in the middle of discretionary. The purpose of the injection is to induce Polyinosinic pigs produce interferon. Under the help of interferon, under the premise of pigs after disinfection small amount of residual virus itself produces antibodies.
Previously there Polyinosinic sell original powder, foot and mouth disease once found, immediately crowd drowned, the effect is very good, but also convenient. Now allowed to sell only select people with the injection. In fact, most injections in the treatment of foot and mouth disease, contain Polyinosinic, whether it is marked or not. Unfortunately, we are not symptoms of pig farmers no injections, symptoms of injections will not see the effects.
Tips, foot and mouth disease is typical of herpes virus. Although Polyinosinic is a broad-spectrum anti-viral, but compared with other viruses, Polyinosinic better effect on herpes virus. If there is unexplained sore blisters on your skin, etc., used Fuqing Song, urea ointment invalid, may wish to use the gentamicin Polyinosinic tone, Mama try.