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Shandong Unovet Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a wholly owned Sino-Foreign company, with its head office and production site located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, China. 

 Since the establishment, Unovet has devoted to animal health and veterinary pharmaceuticals industries. Unovet is a G.M.P certificated manufacturer for animal drugs and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of P.R. C, certificated No. (2014) GMP 247; the certificated scope are £ºPowder/Pulvis/Premix¡¢Terminally Sterilized Small Volume Injection/ Terminally Sterilized Large Volume Non- Intravenous Injection ¡¢Non-Chlorine Disinfectant ( Liquid ). 

Unovet manufactures and distributes a wide range of animal health products: disinfectants, anti-infective, parasitical, vitamins,  growth promoters, anti-inflammatory, analgesics, feed additives and  antioxidants, etc.

In the sterilized injection workshop, the sterilized bottles are automatically filled with correct dose of injectable solutions in the clean area of 102 scale. The filling is checked for the correct quantity and perfect sealing. The bottles are then transported to the sorting machine where they are packed together with the packages.

 Powder, pulvis , premix and oral solutions are homogeneously mixed in the mixed tank . Subpackages are then automatically filled by a computer-controlled machine that performs an extremely accurate process control and an online weight check. Different forms of  powders and solutions in various packagings are processed by the machines.

 With the words “Good Quality, Good Life” as the company belief, our clearly defined, scrupulously applied strategy helped Unovet to become a well positioned company with excellent future prospects.  The research and development dept. is seeking for high quality and innovated products, offering more effective and safer products for users and customers.

 The ultimate objective of Shandong Unovet Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is to extend our presence with a global view of the market, offering the best services and reinforcing our relationship with distributors and customers, manufacturing high quality products to guarantee animal health.


 With our enthusiastic and experienced sales team and follow the requirements of markets at home and abroad, we are willing to develop together with all clients, offering various forms of products with diversified specification and high quality. Our sales principle is: build brand in the market, guarantee quality for company image,  maintain good reputation to customers, and provide best services.