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Daily popularize knowledge of pig

Haemophilus disease infestation pig pig performance fever, body temperature rises to 40 ~ 41.5 ℃, lethargy, unresponsive, loss of appetite, and some waste food, coughing, difficulty breathing, abdominal breathing, rapid heartbeat, redness of the skin surface , Apex purple, eyelid edema, some suffering from swine appear thick nasal fluid flow, slow walk, do not want to stand on both sides or one side of the limp wrist, tarsal joint swelling, ataxia, dying side, limbs were draw water samples.
Prevention and cure

1. Add a ton of feed tiamulin fumarate 100g, chlortetracycline 300g, amoxicillin 300g, mix, 5 ~ 7d a course.

2. Shuanghuanglian injection 0.2mL / kg body weight, powerful amoxicillin powder for injection (0.5g / 50kg body weight), or SHL injection 0.2mL / kg body weight, ceftiofur sodium powder for injection (0.5 / 50kg body weight) once a day, once every 3d.

3. The whole herd of pigs with electrolytes and vitamin C powder drinking 6d, to enhance the body immunity, reduce stress. While giving the affected pigs vegetables, carrots, vegetables and other green succulent feed.

4. The patient showed no symptoms in pigs and pig all separately. Isolation rearing, to avoid another infection.

5. Thoroughly clean the barn hygiene, then disinfectant spray disinfectant, sooner or later, the 1st day, continuous spray disinfectant 4d, manger, sinks, appliances, washing with 2% aqueous sodium hydroxide solution, then rinse with water. After taking the above measures, the epidemic has been effectively controlled, gradually returning to normal after 10d.