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Pig 4 method is easy to prevent the pig pseudo rabies

Pseudorabies is caused by the pseudorabies virus in pigs and other animals were suffering from an acute infectious disease. Fever, itching (except pigs), encephalomyelitis symptoms, adult pigs latent infection, may have miscarriages, stillbirths, respiratory symptoms. Piglets Apart encephalomyelitis symptoms, but also violations of the respiratory system. Pseudorabies serious harm to the development of the pig industry, is very important to take preventive pseudorabies for this size field.

Eradication of rodents

Because rodents are the source of infection of this disease in the farms to implement strict measures rodent, rodents infected eliminate the risk of transmission of the disease.

Strengthen disinfection

Barn floor, walls, and other facilities and appliances, with 100 poisoned weekly disinfection 1 to 2 times, to be fermented manure, farrowing pens with 2% caustic soda solution to sanitize every 5 days to 6 days disinfection 1 .

Routine immunization

Immunization using inactivated vaccine can also be used gene deletion live vaccines; use of domestic vaccine can also be imported vaccines. Live vaccines: 1 day to 3-day-old piglets live intranasal vaccine, drops two nostrils, a dose of 0.5 ~ copies, five weeks to seven weeks after the injection of a copy. Boars immunized 3 times to 4 times a year, dose: 1 copies of import seedlings, seedlings of two copies domestically, freeze-dried vaccine use special dilution dilution. Sows and antenatal 20 days to 30 days each time, the same dose of boars. Inactivated vaccine: fattening pigs, breeding piglets weaned per head 2 ml intramuscular injection interval of 28 to 42 days, a second booster immunization, prenatal sows vaccinated once a month, breeding boars immunized each year 2 times, at a dose of 2 ml each.

Timely diagnosis

After the onset of the herd can be diagnosed based on epidemiological, clinical symptoms and pathological changes. After porcine brain tissue can be collected grinding disease, normal saline to prepare a 10% suspension, add 1000 units each of penicillin and streptomycin, 2 ml centrifugation supernatant, inside ham subcutaneous injection in rabbits. 24 hours a fever, rapid heartbeat, the first three days after the itching and started licking the injection site, and then forced to bite, until death can be confirmed. After the diagnosis of gene deletion vaccine available for emergency vaccination, piglets a dose of ~ 1.5 parts sow two copies, while symptomatic treatment.