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"Six to change six fixed" pig Law

"Six change":

Soil improvement: improving soil types for hybrid generation lean varieties.

Complex single change: change a single feed for complex feed.

Raw and cooked change: change thin soup cooked fodder for wet and dry material.

New Old change: change the old traditional warm barn barn closed.

Mixed minute change: change the big pig polyculture for large and small breed apart.

Anti rule change: change the treatment for the prevention of swine, improve preventive care system.

The "Six":

Timing: pigs time of day, the number of fixed.

Quantitative: Feeding master dosage, not erratic.

Qualitative: preparation of feed, a feeding to meet the standards, scientific arrangement fine, thick, green fodder proportion; second, the ratio remained stable.

Regular deworming: spring and autumn each drive once, fattening fattening before taking deworming once.

Regular vaccination: spring and autumn regular vaccination. After a month-old pig piglet paratyphoid lyophilized injection of attenuated vaccine injection every 3 to 7 days swine fever, erysipelas and lung vaccines. While also injecting encephalitis, foot and mouth disease vaccine.

Regular disinfection: general every 3 to 7 days for pens and a disinfection environment. Disinfection is available on a variety of disinfectant lime, lime powder, bleach and 10 percent of the market for sale.

According to a survey given six six pigs law change, with fast, high, provincial, drop, good five advantages:

Fast: fast growth, weight gain more than 600 grams, raise pigs from 25 kg to 100 kg, can be listed more than 100 days, two months shorter than the traditional pig.

High: feed conversion, high economic efficiency. This method pig per 1 kg weight gain, feed consumption of refined 3.14 kg, 0.88 kg saving than traditional pig feed, the net income per head increased by 20 yuan.

Province: Province feed, fuel savings. A net weight of 72.4 kg of pig, little pig consumption than traditional 63.7 kg of concentrate feed without cooking, saving fuel per 200 kg pig, that income 20 yuan.

Drop: reduce labor intensity, saving time. Especially saving cleaning, feeding time cook.

Good: pork delicious, fresh, lean meat and more meat is good.