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Pig experience: one, two materials, three management

Keep a good pig, pig raise income, involves many aspects, summed up in three words: one, two materials, three management.

Kind that breeds.

Now you need to pigs on the market, this pig to sell, the price is high. Lean pig about grams, Landrace and Duroc breeds. Raised pig (pig), should raise its hybrid pigs, because pigs grow faster than the pure hybrid pigs, less illness, better keep the provincial feed. The following two kinds of hybrid pigs better:

Yorkshire (father) × Landrace (female)

Landrace (father) × Yorkshire (female)

Duroc (father) × F1, to choose the sow

2 All fattening

Some places can not buy the above three varieties, and these varieties of pig prices high, farmers can choose from a local hybrid bear sow pigs. Most parts of the province were crossbred pigs Landrace, when elected to stay sow, should pay attention to the body elected to stay white hair, waist and long, seven of the nipple, which should sow or Duroc and Yorkshire boars breeding, birth pig fattening also very good. Feed mountain conditions worse, some fat people eating meat, can do medium York or Yorkshire male, pig production.

Two materials, namely feed.

Pig feed costs account for about 75% of the cost of production, feed science preparation, rational use is extremely important. Pigs feeding (diet), must be based on the nutritional needs of different types and different physiological stages of pig pig, scientific preparation, refer to "Annual Report 2013 China feed market." Pig diets should be composed of the following feed:

1, the energy feed: refers to corn, barley and other types of feed and bran, accounting for 70% -80%, the proportion of the diet.

2, protein feed: feed and vegetable protein into animal protein feed. The former refers to the meal (cake), cottonseed, rapeseed, the latter refers to the fish meal, accounting for about 20% the proportion of the diet, but the animal protein feed accounted for 2.5% protein feed.

3. Mineral Feed: calcium (powder, bone meal and other) accounted for about 2% phosphorus (DCP bone meal etc.) account for about 1% -5% salt accounts for about 0.5% -1%. Also note that the supply of vitamins and trace elements. Vitamin supplements can be fed green fodder, so perennial blue, deep red clay feeding, micronutrient supplementation of iron and copper.

Three, namely management.

To establish a strict management system, attention to mobilizing the enthusiasm of keeping production personnel to pigs a suitable living environment safe.

(A) safe vaccination

Infectious diseases are particularly swine pig production enemy, give a pig a devastating loss, we must prevent the main anti-emphasis on governance, can participate in animal nutrition and health culture immune Forum to learn and communicate. Should do the following aspects:

1, selecting the venue, away from livestock farms to market, slaughterhouses and villages;

2, farms have isolation facilities, located in front of disinfection pools;

3, the establishment of scientific immunization program. Pigs a year in spring and autumn (March-April, September-October) the injection of a swine fever, erysipelas, lung plague vaccine, pregnant sows should be empty of immunity. Piglets at 20-25 days of age to be the first free swine fever;

4, so that farrow, pigs all in all out;

5, strict health and epidemic prevention system, regularly disinfected;

6, newly purchased pigs must be isolated, feeding observed for 15 days, disease-free before gregarious feeding.

(B) suitable living environment.

1, different types of pig rearing column must not be mixed with support; 2, each pig should account for a certain circle area, such as pig 0.8-1 meters, air pre-pregnant and pregnant sows 2-3 head close circle, accounting for 2-3 square meters per head, in late pregnancy and lactation single captive, 6-7 meters per lap. Boars 8-12 meters per head monoculture; 3, pig to do cool, especially lactating sows. Pigs at a suitable temperature, in order to better growth, high feed conversion. Suitable pig turbidity t = 26-0.06W, wherein W is a weight of pig (kg). For example piglets weighing one kilogram, it is appropriate temperature t = 26-0.06 × 1 = 25.94 ; 4, different types and different physiological stages of pigs must be fed diets with different nutritional levels, but also by the amount of time feeding not full meal hungry meal, early evening meal meal; 5, pigs should not be raised too big. Generally sell at 90-100 kg of body weight is appropriate.

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