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You Ke Chong

You Ke Chong


Ivermectin injection

Approval Number: Veterinary Word (2010) 152 541 128

Standard: "People's Republic of China Veterinary Pharmacopoeia" 2005 edition one

Production license: (2009) Veterinary Drug Manufacturing Certificate No. 15254 word
Certificate Number: (2009) 223 veterinary drug GMP certification of the word

The main components of ivermectin, levamisole, albendazole

[Features] effective antiparasitic drugs. For the prevention and treatment of cattle, sheep, pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats and other animals, all kinds of nematodes, mites, fleas, flies, maggots and other internal and external, and other parasites. Its potency protect long without secondary use, in vivo once worming.

Indications for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes of livestock, leather fly maggots, maggots grain leather, sheep nasal bot, sheep and pigs itch mite disease scabies and other parasitic insects disease.

Dosage subcutaneous injection, a volume per 1kg of body weight, cattle, sheep 0.2mg; pig 0.3mg.

[Withdrawal period] on the 28th of pigs, cattle, sheep 35 days of lactation is disabled

[Specification] 100ml: Ivermectin 1g (100 million units)

【Packing】 100ml / bottle × 40 bottles / box

[Storage] Sealed, dark, stored in a cool dry place