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Fu Rui Di

Fu Rui Di

Production license: (2009) Veterinary Drug Manufacturing Certificate No. 15254 word

Approval Number: veterinary medicine (2009) 152 542 110

Standard: "People's Republic of China Veterinary Pharmacopoeia" 2010 edition one

Certificate Number: (2009) 223 veterinary drug GMP certification of the word

[Product Name] Freddy

[Generic name] florfenicol powder

Pinyin Fubennikao Fen

[English name] Florfenicol Powder

The main components of florfenicol

¡¾Properties¡¿ white or off-white powder.


1. pleuropneumoniae, asthma, atrophic rhinitis, streptococcal disease, erysipelas, lung disease, Piglet white diarrhea, Edema and other bacterial infections.

2, avian infectious rhinitis, duck infectious serositis, fowl cholera, E. coli disease, salmonellosis, staphylococcal disease.

[Dosage and mixed feeding: This product 500g pig spices 500kg, once every 3 to 5 days; poultry spices 500g of this product 600 ~ 800kg, once every 3 to 5 days, treatment dosage is doubled.

[Specification] 500g: 50g florfenicol

[Packaging] plastic composite bag, 500g / bag

[Storage] stored airtight, shading, dry place.