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Amoxicillin +Colistin Water Soluble Powder

Each 1 kg contains :
Amoxicillin base......100gm
Colistin base............400M.I.U

The combination of amoxycillin and colistin acts additive.Amoxycillin is a semisynthetic broad-spectrum penicillin with a bactericidal action against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
The range of effect includes Campylobacter,Clostridium,Corynebacterium,E.coli,Erysipelothrix,
Haemophilus,Pasteriurella,Salmonella,penicilliase negative Staphylococcus and Streptococcus,spp.The bactericidal action is due to inhibation of cell wall synthesis. Amoxycillin is mainly excreted in urine.A major part can also be excreted in bile.Colistin is a antibiotic from a group of polymyxins with a bactericidal action against Gram-positive bacteria like E.coli,Haemophilus and Salmonella. Since colistin is absorbed for a very small part after oral administration only gastrointestinal indications are relevant.

Gastrointestinal,respiratory and urinary tract infections caused by amoxycillin and colistin sensitive-organisms,like Campylobacter,Clostridium,Corynebacterium,E.coli,Erysipelothrix,Haemophilus,Pasteriurella,Salmonella,penicilliase negative Staphylococcus and Streptococcus,spp..in calves,goats,poultry sheep and swine.

For oral administration,it can be used via Feed or Drinking Water as below dosages.
For prevention :1gm per1 litre of drinking water 3 to 5days continuously.
For treatment:1gm per1 litre of drinking water 3 to 5days continuously.
Calves,Goats and Sheep:
5 gm per body weight two times daily for 3to 5 days either mixed with feed or put in the drinking water.
2 to 4 gm per kg body weight ,two times daily,either mixed with feed or put in the drinking water.

Store tightly , Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.