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Huang An Gui E Lin Na Soluble Powder

The main components Sulfaquinoxalinum sodium.

¡¾Properties¡¿ white to pale yellow powder.

Pharmacological effects of Cymbalta treatment of coccidiosis dedicated sulfa drugs. Chicken giant, Brinell and heap Eimeria strongest type of tender and Eimeria effect is weak, need a higher dose was effective. Often with amprolium or two trimethoprim combination to enhance efficacy. Peak effect of this product in the second generation schizonts (coccidia infection 3 to 4 days), does not affect poultry coccidiosis produce immunity, there are some antibacterial activity, can prevent secondary infection coccidiosis among other sulfa drugs and prone to cross-resistance.

Indications for treatment of chicken, turkey coccidiosis.

Dosage in terms of the product. Mixed drink: every 1L of water, chicken 3 ~ 5g.

Adverse reactions prescribed doses, yet see adverse reactions.

[Note] (1) shall not exceed 5 days of continuous drinking, if the recommended usage and dosage administration, animal prone to toxic reactions.

(2) the laying of the disabled.

[Withdrawal period] chicken on the 10th.

[Specification] 10%

¡¾Packing¡¿ 100g / bag × 90 bags / box

[Storage] shading, sealed.

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