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You Ke Chong

You Ke Chong

[Generic name] Ivermectin injection

[Product Name] You grams insects

Pinyin Yiweijunsu Zhusheye

[English name] Ivermectin Injection

The main components of ivermectin.

[Character] colorless or almost colorless clear liquid, slightly sticky.

Pharmacological effects of this product for internal and external parasites in particular arthropods and nematodes have a good drive to kill in vivo effect. Its mechanism of action is to promote insecticide presynaptic neuron releases γ- aminobutyric acid (GABA), thereby opening the GABA-mediated chloride channel. Ivermectin for invertebrate nerve and muscle cells near the site of GABA-mediated glutamate-mediated chloride channel also has a high affinity and selectivity. Chloride ion flow can reduce the impedance of the cell membrane, causing slight postsynaptic cell resting potential depolarization, thereby interfering with the transmission of nerve signals between the muscles, making the worm relaxation paralysis, leading to the death of the parasite or excreted. Nematode inhibitory and excitatory neurons in the middle of motor neurons is their site of action, and is the site of action arthropod neuromuscular joints. This product enables the reduction of tick eggs, ruminant nematode worm eggs morphological abnormalities and filamentous infertility.

Indications and Yunxu mainly for livestock (horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs), in vivo, in vitro parasite, Fasciola, tapeworms, cerebral hydatid liver hydatid have excellent critical effect.

1. Livestock: spear-shaped double-lumen flukes, Fasciola, tapeworms, cerebral hydatid liver hydatid.

2, cattle, sheep: mites and ticks (blood lice, lice palate), cerebral hydatid liver hydatid, spear blood flukes, nematodes Oster, Cooper nematode, hair round worm, round worm, C. elegans Yang mouth, Nematodirus, Mao first worm, Oesophagostomum, dictyocaulae, sheep Shadbolt nematode larvae and eggs inhibiting effect.

3, Ma: Large and small round nematodes adults, larvae are efficient; large round worm, roundworm, pinworm, stomach worms, intestinal nematodes, lung nematodes.

4, pig: pig roundworm, red pig round worm, round worm Gram-class high, pig first worm, Oesophagostomum, Gram-class high round worm, pig first worm, Oesophagostomum, after the round worm, There crown filaria adult and immature stages of the intestinal Trichinella, pig lice and scabies mites pigs also have a good effect.

5, dogs, cats: hookworm, Ascaris, Trichuris worm, heartworm microfilaria infection.

Dosage subcutaneous or intramuscular injection: one volume per 50kg body weight, cattle, sheep 1ml; camels, deer, horses 0.5ml.


?? Containing glycerol formal and propylene glycol Ivermectin injection, only applies to cattle, sheep, pigs and reindeer, for other animals, in particular can lead to severe local reaction in dogs and horses.

The majority of dog breeds are more secure application of ivermectin, but Shepherd sensitive to the chemicals, 0.1mg / kg dose appears more serious adverse reactions, with caution.

ƒ ivermectin shrimp, fish and toxic to aquatic organisms, remaining drug packaging materials do not pollute the water.

[Withdrawal period] on the 28th of pigs, cattle, sheep 35 days, lactation disabled.

[Specification] 100ml: Ivermectin 1g.

¡¾Packing¡¿ 100ml / bottle × 40 (48) bottles / boxes.

[No.] veterinary drug approval letter (2010) 152 541 128

[Storage] shading, sealed.

[Period] years.